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Jrock Revolution staged the first multi-artist festival in North America devoted solely to Japanese rock talent fresh from Japan. But we're more than just a music festival.

Jrock Revolution is a movement we invite all to join. It reflects the height of a new music revolution that has traveled underground internationally for decades, slowly yet surely drawing in supporters from all over the world. We strive to serve as the premier destination for Jrock fans all over the world--promoting more artists, albums, and events in the U.S. and beyond.

This movement of Japanese music and culture has gained such momentum thanks to the passionate support of its international fan base. To continue spreading the revolution, our website serves as a gathering point for old and new music fans alike.

We encourage you to visit our site regularly for frequent updates with band information, previews of new videos, albums, singles, books, and of course, our own exclusive content with interviews, contests, articles, breaking news, and more. So check back often, and join our forums too!

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